SUP (Stand Up Paddle) lessons FAQ's

Learn to ‘Walk on Water’ with the fastest growing water sport in the world!  Stand Up Paddling is so popular because everyone can do it and it offers such a unique perspective on the water.  It is a great workout that challenges your balance, core and all your muscles from your feet to your fingertips! 

When can we schedule an SUP lesson?
On weekdays and weekends, anytime from May through October.  

Who are SUP lessons for?  
If you are comfortable in the water, this is for you.  

Bring your friends to share in the fun!How long are the lessons?   
SUP lessons are one hour.  

What can I expect to learn in a Novice/Beginner lesson? (Ideal in flat water)
• Safety precautions and lake currents
• Surf etiquette
• Dry land – warming up for your SUP session
• How to paddle prone, kneeling, and standing
• Paddling technique for an efficient stroke
• Turning and bracing strokes
• Board and wetsuit recommendations

What can I expect to learn in an Advanced lesson or tour? (In surf & rivers)
• Surf etiquette and lake currents
• Your surfing stance, how to ride, trim & use your paddle to help turns on the wave face
• How to paddle out through the white wash in the surf
• Pivot turns• Catching waves – wave selection and how to paddle into them
• River tours down and upstream•
• Board and wetsuit recommendations

Do I need to bring any equipment?  
I don’t have an SUP! All equipment is provided by Surf Ontario. Your SUP Surfboard, wax, wetsuit (if needed), and leash is provided by Surf Ontario   

What are the benefits of SUPing?
• Surf Stoke!
• An exhilarating feeling and adrenaline rush; only a surfer knows the feeling!
• A great workout
• An unforgettable experience
• Fun in the sun

Can I purchase boards, wetsuits and accessories from Surf Ontario?
Yes – click this link to the online store

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